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Name:Lelouch vi Britannia
basic stats
name Lelouch Lamperouge
age seventeen
gender male
occupation student
A Britannian student studying at Ashford Academy in his senior year, Lelouch lives with his younger brother Rolo and is part of the student council. His hobbies include gambling and chess, and doesn't have many plans for the future. For the most part, he's the typical smart high school teenager who seems wholely apathetic with the world.

Taken from inbetween the first and second season of Code Geass, Lelouch has just had his memories rewritten by his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, to forget his royal status and his Geass power which in the first season had changed the country of Japan and was ready to shake the world. Lelouch does not know that he's a Britannian prince, or that he was once the terrorist coded Zero. He doesn't remember his sister Nunnally, but instead thinks he grew up with his younger brother Rolo Lamperouge, who is actually an agent sent to keep an eye on Lelouch in case he is contacted by CC. At the moment, he isn't conflicted at all about his own actions because he doesn't remember doing anything outside of what a normal teenager could and would do.

contact the mun
...please do! Any ideas, collaborations, and whatnots are most welcome! I always check my email ( as well as Google talk and Skype (shamerakltoho). Thanks to Google Talk, I also have AIM (kl0tho) on most of the time, although I don't respond there as fast as I usually do via Skype.

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