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YOUR NAME: Shamera
YOUR JOURNAL: tsukishirou
CONTACT: , Skype: shameraklotho , AIM: kl0tho

CHARACTER NAME: Lelouch Lamperouge (or Lelouch vi Britannia)

FANDOM: Code Geass

CANON TIMELINE: ..taking somewhere between first and second season. Usually I take his character after the end of the series... but if he's still going to be waking up through the game, there's always that missing year between the first and second season. I'm hoping to take his character as the normal schoolboy with nothing special about him other than his smarts and then later, as follows the timeline, have him suddenly remember everything about himself and add to the angst and anger instead of him not understanding why he's there.

PERSONALITY: To the average person, Lelouch is the typical smart, but apathetic teenager living the good life at Ashford Academy in Area 11. He's popular, smart, the heartthrob of the school, vice-president of the student council, and a most beloved older brother to Rolo Lamperouge (who is in reality not his brother, but an assassin sent to take the place of his younger sister Nunnally, whom Lelouch loved more than anyone in the world). He doesn't care much about the rest of the world because he doesn't quite believe that one person who be able to change the world, and spends his time gambling on chess matches and skipping class.
Those who get to know him slightly better would find that despite the cold and apathetic exterior, Lelouch is quite altruistic and would come to a person's aid at the expense of drawing unwanted attention to himself. On more than one occasion in canon, he entered a situation to help someone while others stood around and talked of helping. He's also much smarter than he lets on, having a genius level intellect when it comes to strategy and predicting human behaviour. At times he's quite awkward because he doesn't quite understand why people act irrationally, even though he knows that they do.
Not quite known to people is how Lelouch is Zero, the leader and creator of the Black Knights; a leading terrorist organization brought together to fight Britannia and those who oppress the weak, and later becoming the police force of the world. Lelouch has a firm stance on justice and is not quite so apathetic as he would have people believe. He is bitter and holds a grudge like no other, his goals to create a kinder world for his sister Nunnally and with his desire for vengeance against his father mixing together until it's impossible to tell whether his intentions are right or not. He is prideful and arrogant, heavily unused to and displeased with the aspect of losing. He is someone who understands that the ends will have to justify the means if he ever wants a chance to change the world, and thus refuses to relent in the face of horror and massacre. In this aspect he is merciless, even sacrificing his beloved sister Euphemia's pride and name to further his own cause.
What very few people know underneath the facade of Zero, though, is a very kind and very hurt boy who is still reeling from his mother's assassination and his father's blatant rejection and humiliation of him even after years of burying the pain and dealing with the sudden change from being a privileged Britannian prince to merely a sacrifice to win the war with Japan. His immediate and drastic change (learning how to cook, clean, shop, and care for his crippled and blind sister) after being cast out from the royal family jaded him to ever truly trusting anyone at all. In order to protect his own heart, most people around him became nothing more than pawns with the exception of the very few who he would protect with everything he had. No matter how terrible the situation was, Lelouch truly did what he thought was right for the people he loved, no matter how skewed that view was. His view on justice is so firm that he killed his brother Clovis early in the series for ordering the massacre of innocent people, and eventually ordered his own death to atone for his sins. Lelouch firmly believes that all people should be allowed to choose their own way of life, a contradiction with his own powers to command people to do what he tells them to.

WEAPONS/MAGIC/AIDES/ETC. ...Lelouch is quite possibly one of the weaker main characters in anime. While he's healthy in terms that he's suffered no illnesses or defects, he's the very epitome of a lazy teenaged boy who prefers books and games of chess over sports and spending time outdoors. He's severely out of shape (the fact that he skips his PE classes on a regular basis doesn't help) but he more than makes up for it with his brilliant mind and his sharp, manipulative tongue. He looks good and sweet and he takes ruthless advantage of that fact, knowing what people want to hear and what they'll fall for. Most likely, he has the rudimentary knowledge for most weapons (he was a prince, after all, and knows how to handle guns and Knightmares flawlessly) but wouldn't be an expert in any.
Most of all, if he remembers, he has a power called Geass granted to him that allows him to issue one command to any person and they would have to follow it no matter what. This power requires direct eye contact (glasses excluded) and for the person to hear what the command is. Chances are, this will probably be useless to him in this world.

THIRD PERSON SAMPLE: Lelouch closed the door of the shack harsher than he intended, lips set in a thin line as his thoughts tried to make sense of what happened just minutes past. He and his brother Rolo had been anticipating the fireworks to take place at midnight of the carnival, both of them trying to find good seats to view the spectacle when... everything had just changed. Everyone disappeared. The lights went dark and it almost seemed as if the surrounding area aged years in seconds, rust and dirt overcoming the new metals and fresh paints. A while of searching had finally led him to this small shack at the edge of the carnival, hoping to find a phone that worked... or at the very least, a flashlight.
The room he was in wasn't anything like his rooms in Ashford Academy, lacking in light and the vaulted windows showing green outside. The dark and desolated room vaguely reminded him of a time when he had just moved to Japan, the simple wood houses and dust in rooms looking like the lowest of the low to him, who had once lived in majestic white-washed stone palaces.
Another low, Lelouch thought grimly. He would have to amend that. But before that, he would have to understand where he was exactly, and how everyone around him had suddenly disappeared. He felt a pang in his heart as he thought of Rolo who had just minutes ago been walking alongside him and talking about nonsensical subjects like schoolwork and working on Rival's motorbike. Somehow, Rolo just had to be safe. Hopefully back home already, wondering where Lelouch was.
With a mental sneer, Lelouch thumbed his useless phone, wondering how a place could have no reception at all no matter how far in any direction he walked. What made less sense was how Shirley had managed to call him not half an hour earlier when the carnival had still been crowded.
Either way... he moved blindly around the room, hands flitting over the vague shapes of furniture, roaming the surface of desks and pulling at shelves, fumbling to find something that resembled a phone or flashlight... even a candle or matches if it came down to it. The moon simply refused to offer enough light on this night, and Lelouch did not like the feeling of frustration caused by his lack of sight and leading to his clumsiness.
Ha! He bumped his knuckles against what felt like an old flashlight, heavy and cold. Using both hands to lift it up and feel the shape, Lelouch shook it slightly to hear the soft rattle of batteries. The flashlight felt old and rusted, but it was better than nothing. Holding his breath and cursing himself for the ball of anticipation in his gut, he attempted to switch it on.

FIRST PERSON SAMPLE: I went in for a self-appointed check-up today with the school doctor. She claimed that there was absolutely nothing at all wrong with me (although she might have mentioned something about more food and exercising, but that is simply beyond what I was trying to find out) physically or mentally. That does not explain, however, this book nor the ongoing dreams. It has been going on too long for me to simply dismiss this as stress, and I am certainly not having hallucinations.
But I digress. The fact that I am writing in his book at all has lead me to believe that something must be wrong. Rolo does not remember anything about the carnival. He's taken to keeping an eye on me now that I've mentioned to him that strange dream I had of finding myself alone in that plot of land, as if he so readily thinks I'm insane. He might not be far from the mark if I'm writing this here, assuming I would get answers to my confusion. But he still does not need to keep such a heavily eye on me. It's not as if my dreams mean that I'm suddenly going to become a different person. It just frustrates me to return to that dark world every time I close my eyes at night. A morning for me to wake up feeling well-rested would be most welcome. These dreams refuse to leave my head. It's as if it is trying to tell me something; that it's a real world, and the people I meet there are real as well.
But that would be impossible.


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